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Planning a wedding may feel a little overwhelming when you’re thinking about all the different moving parts that make up a wedding day. A wedding is a collaborative event. Any photographer worth their salt knows how much we rely on our partner vendors to create and sculpt the day our couples dream of. That being said, there are two important things to lay out for you straight up.

If you want to do something at your wedding - DO IT

If you don’t want to do something at your wedding - DON’T DO IT

You’re given the beautiful choice to respect tradition or make a new one when planning a wedding. The only thing to make a marriage legal in Australia is for a celebrant to say something along the lines of; ‘I am duly authorised by law to solemnise marriages’ etc… then two witnesses later to make it all legit and you’re married! That’s seriously it. Beyond that you’re able to craft the day that you want for yourselves. 

The information presented here in these articles that I’ve written is here to help out my present and future couples as best as I can. Just don’t forget the two dot points above. Do it or Don’t do it. The choice is completely yours. Hosting a wedding in Adelaide is certainly not something that someone does every day, so having a multitude of questions is so fair. I trust you will find all the information useful whether you chose to of ahead with my services or not. If you need anything explained further you’re always welcome to reach out to me. 

You may notice that some of the articles reference ‘Bride & Groom’ - I feel it important to clarify that I photograph people of all sexual orientations and don’t discriminate anyone as a wedding photographer. Please switch the wording around as you see fit. 



Want to spend more time with your guests? “Yes, please!” In my article about the Pros & Cons of having a First Look I touched on the time you save later in the day that can be used to spend more time with your guests. Whether you decide to have a first look or not, […]

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Wedding Reception Guide

In the lead up to a couple’s wedding day, I’m regularly discussing the types of images they hope that I’ll capture on their awesome day of celebration. The topic of family photos constantly comes up in these discussions and it’s usually accompanied with a few innocently concerned looks illustrating their wonder of how it will […]

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Family Photo Tips

At some point during your wedding day schedule, you should allow some time for the bridal photos with your photographer. The bridal photos are when you, your partner (and sometimes the bridal party too) escape for a little while to get some nice photos alone with your photographer. How long do we need for this part of […]

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Get the most from your couple portraits

HOW TO GET THE BEST GETTING READY PHOTOS AT YOUR WEDDING If you’ve never been in a wedding party before, you might not realise that some of the best pictures actually get taken before the ceremony and the reception. Wedding prep photos are taken during the time leading up to the actual event, often when […]

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Getting the best ‘getting ready’ photos on your wedding day.

TOP 10 ADELAIDE WEDDING VENUES Here it is, my list of the best Kickass Adelaide Wedding Venues for 2024. When I say we’re truly spoilt in SA when it comes to hosting a wedding I 100% mean it and I’ll wrestle you if you think otherwise. The food & wine is world class and even […]

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Top 16 Adelaide Wedding Venues of 2023 & 2024

Wedding Ceremonies.   Tips for setting a tone that isn’t awkward or boring. I hear lots of people talking about an unplugged ceremony, what is this? The short answer is it’s asking your guests not to take any photos during the ceremony. I’m not a photographer like some, that strictly enforces this on couples and […]

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Adelaide Wedding Ceremonies Guide

THE MANOR BASKET RANGE TOP ADELAIDE HILLS WEDDING VENUE   I’m privileged to be a recommended wedding photographer at The Manor Basket Range, and absolutely love shooting there. If you’re reading this, you probably already know that The Manor Basket Range is a great location for a wedding, with beautiful, quirky rustic styling, delicious food and friendly […]

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10 Things I love About The Manor

THE PROS & CONS OF HAVING A FIRST LOOK ON YOUR WEDDING DAY DISCLAIMER: As mentioned on the previous page; I am entirely in favour and supportive of same-sex marriage. Some of the text below might just be for ‘wordings’ sake, and I sincerely apologise if I cause any offence or inconvenience by this. This […]

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A Guide to the First Looks – Pros & Cons

Nestled in the heart of South Australia’s wine region, Coriole Vineyard set the stage for Victoria and Patrick’s dream wedding. With its rolling hills, lush vineyards, and charming rustic charm, this venue provided a picturesque backdrop for their love-filled celebration. The breathtaking landscape and the rustic elegance of the venue perfectly complemented their vision, creating […]

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Coriole Wines McLaren Vale Wedding

We were honored to be a part of a truly memorable wedding ceremony for Jasmine and Matthew. They chose the historic Willunga Courthouse Museum as their ceremony venue, a location that exuded timeless beauty and charming ambiance. Surrounded by their loved ones, they exchanged their vows in a setting that radiated romance and history. The […]

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Port Willunga Coastal Wedding