Human warmth seeker, Aperol Spritz lover, husband and Dad to Laura & Milo and our little fur baby (also Milo). 

hello, my name is alex

In 2016 I became drawn to wedding photography and instantly found new passion for it. Preserving life's warmest moments holds a special place in my heart. Each moment is important. Every single one of them. And maybe you don’t know how yet, or even why – but trust me, that picture-perfect shot of your first kiss as husband and wife might be the emotional equal to that spontaneous snap of your parents happy tears.

Personal, quiet images captured with a journalistic flair. Images you didn’t know you wanted but once you’ve seen them, can’t live without. I have one simple goal: to transport you back to a feeling. 

My work has been published in Together Journal, Hello May and Polka Dot Bride to name a few.

I would encourage you to watch the videos on this page too.

If you would like to work with me, I would love to hear from you. Book a call and let’s talk about your wedding.

Alex ⚡️



my philosophy

Your Story Will Be Different

I aim to imbue your photography with as much of your wonderfully individual personalities as I can. Despite this, there are three core foundations I always stick to that make every wedding amazing:

Love. Place. Connection.

These themes inform all of my photography. The missing ingredient is you. You and your personalities, your families, your loved ones, your vows, your story so far, and the hundreds more to come. 

“Every wedding, every shoot, I see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.”

You can leave the rest up to me.
I know how to seek out the moments that will matter most to you in the years (and decades) to come. Every wedding has its own unique rhythms and colours. I’ll find that flow and slip right into it, capturing what the celebration means to you as a couple, with the people you love most in life cheering you on. 


Every time you look at your images, you will feel something. That's a guarantee. The nerves from that morning, the excitement pre-ceremony, the emotion of seeing your best friend down the aisle, and the joy of being surrounded by everyone you love in your life as you stand before them saying 'This is who we are'. As time passes and memories of the day fade, these photos will increase exponentially in value, with family, children, and grandchildren over many generations being able to experience your special day.


If you are looking for a photographer who will commit 100% to tailoring a unique, bespoke, and thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish then we will make a great match.

"I want to capture images of people on their wedding day that show what they're like on every other day."

the experience

It should be fun. It should be easy.

Our journey starts the moment you book me, not at the start of your wedding day. That means, if you need help planning a timeline, a visit to the venue, an engagement shoot, even helping calm the nerves with a coffee. Whatever you need I am here, Weddings can be stressful to plan but they don’t have to be.

In the end, the photos are the most important element of our relationship; however, I count your experience with me as a close second. My aim is always to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Naturally, your wedding day is going to be way out of your comfort zone, but I’m here to keep things calm, fun and relaxed. This starts from our very first interaction, all the way to the moment I hand over your final collection of photos.

Weddings can be stressful to plan but they don’t have to be.

Honesty is one of our core values here at Time With Alex. I believe in being straight-up from the get-go, as that’s what creates the best shots amidst all the madness. So much wedding photography looks the same. We do it differently. We reckon it all comes down to embracing the authenticity and personality behind each and every couple.

You will receive a personalised tailored experience from the time you book. That means prompt replies, reliable, and professional service every step of your wedding journey to make you feel at ease, prepared, and excited for your day.

I invest totally in my couples and their love story, in their hopes and desires for a beautiful wedding day. I make a commitment to them and myself, to capture all the amazing moments they’ve planned together as they unfold naturally, without any faking, posing, or worrying about moments that ‘should’ be happening.

Hiring me is more than just receiving pretty photos (though you’ll definitely get those too). My aim is to make it about the entire creative and personal experience we’ll have together.

If you can't catch up straight away. The video here highlights some of the things you can expect through the experience of hiring me as your wedding photographer.



Heartwarming quotes

From my

He has an incredibly calming presence which was so lovely to be around through all the nerves and big emotions. And as well as being an all round legend, his photos are absolutely incredible!




MAR 05, 2022

Nic & Naz


On our wedding day there was multiple downpours of rain. Alex worked with us to get the beach and outdoor shots that we so wished for. His willingness to adventure with us and go above and beyond to help us capture our special day I'd an asset to him. He captured the most phenomenal photos of our special day.




ARPIL, 15, 2023

Carrie & Gerard


We both don't like to have our photo taken, and I feel like I smile awkwardly and thought that I wouldn't like any of the photos taken. Now, weeks after the wedding I can't stop staring at our photos! He captured us at our best, being natural and the love of the day showed through.




March 11, 2022

Hannah & Kale


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