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"Being in front of a camera may be unfamiliar to you, and it's natural to feel a little nervous about how to behave or worry that it might feel strange."

Your vision for the wedding day is less about a meticulously orchestrated production and more about turning it into an epic day-long party. Let's make memories that'll have everyone talking!

You're after killer shots that capture genuine emotion, not awkward poses that make you cringe. Let's keep it real and have some fun!

Your wedding goals? Simple: Marry your best friend, rock the house, and party like there's no tomorrow. Let's make it a night to remember, shaking the dance floor like it's the ultimate end-of-the-world celebration!

It would be awesome to have someone who really knows the ropes to provide guidance on timelines, vendors, accommodations, and how to make the most out of the day. A pro like that would be worth their weight in gold!

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When it comes to hiring a wedding photographer, you know you'll get all the important shots—the ceremony, the vows, the cake cutting, and the moments you'll cherish forever. That's a given, and it's wonderful.

But let's not forget about the hidden gems amidst the grandeur. It's like discovering your little nephew Norman doing an impromptu breakdance in the corner, or catching Aunty Mabel sneaking extra cupcakes from the dessert table while pretending to be on a diet.

These quirks and unexpected moments are just as crucial as the glamorous ones, and they're what we're truly passionate about capturing.

When you choose our services, you're not just hiring a wedding photo & video team—you're enlisting a skilled observer with a keen eye for the beautiful and the offbeat. I genuinely care about every person who makes your day special, and I strive to create images & films that resonate with your entire community.

That's what myself and my team do, and the fact that we're pretty handy with a camera is just the icing on the wedding cake.

To discover our full range of services and pricing details, drop us an email or schedule a Zoom session directly through our website. We can't wait to embark on this exciting photographic journey with you and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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My approach is simple: creating spaces for people to be themselves so that I can capture photos on a wedding day that represent who people are every other day of their lives.
I chase all the little human expressions of warmth, while you soak up every moment of the day, from locking eyes down the aisle, to your first kiss as a married couple and cutting shapes celebrating on the dance floor with champagne in hand!

If you are looking for a photographer who will capture beautifully unstaged artisitic images filled with warmth, while you enjoy your wedding day with your loved ones, then let's create something incredible together.

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How do I know you're the photographer for us?

Further down this page there are a couple videos containing conversations I had with past couples who have had me photograph their weddings. I suggest watching those and reading reviews too. The words are nice and if they create a desire in you  to want to spend some time with me, send me an enquiry for a zero-obligation free catch up over zoom. 

What's the key to looking great in my photos?

"Feeling good on your big day is as easy as a bouquet toss! With over 250 weddings captured, I've mastered the art of creating spaces where pure joy thrives. Picture this: Taylor Swift's latest album setting the mood, an outrageously large hair fan giving you that diva moment, and your Nonna's mouthwatering spaghetti bolognese for that extra kick of happiness. Add your loved ones to the mix, and prepare to be awestruck by your stunning wedding photos!

As a leading force in wedding photography, I've discovered the secret sauce: curating an atmosphere that speaks to your heart. It's like mixing a perfect cocktail of personal touches and cherished company. My lens has witnessed couples twirling to their favourite tunes, exuding confidence with a gust of wind from their trusty fan, and savoring bites of culinary bliss. Together, let's create a masterpiece—your love story frozen in time.

Ready to embark on this enchanting journey with me? Let's capture your magic, where laughter, love, and pixels collide!"

Why are you a wedding photographer?

The intricacies of existence have always fascinated me, leading me to observe and appreciate the subtle details happening around me. People-watching, in particular, holds a special place in my heart. I find joy in not being the center of attention, as it allows me to fully immerse myself in the world unfolding before my eyes.

Weddings, in their essence, embody so much of what I adore. They bring together people, emotions, and the captivating nature of storytelling. As a wedding photographer, I have the privilege of creating an atmosphere that nurtures genuine moments and provides a comfortable space for them to unfold. My aim is to capture it all with a creative eye—the loud and exuberant, the soft and intimate, the unplanned and unfiltered.

It's in those unspoken moments—the ones often overlooked—that I strive to find beauty. The stolen glances, the fleeting gestures, the unguarded smiles—they are the threads that weave the story of your forever. Through my lens, I aim to preserve the essence of what made you choose each other, freezing those heartfelt connections in time.

Craziest thing that's happened at a wedding?

Amidst the unexpected chaos of ambulances, random punch-ups, streakers, and slip 'n slides, I've witnessed things at weddings that you'd never imagine. Yet, amidst the grand spectacle, it's the smallest moments that truly steal the show. I live for those instances where individuals proudly showcase their true selves and their community wholeheartedly embraces them.

There's something magical about witnessing people unveil their authentic selves on their wedding day, surrounded by loved ones who cheer them on. It's in these instances, when they proudly shine a spotlight on their unique identity, that incredible moments unfold. Picture this: your little nephew embarking on a deep exploration of the quantum realm nestled within his belly button during the ceremony. It's in these delightfully unexpected moments that I find pure joy.

As a wedding photographer, I actively seek out these extraordinary yet intimate moments. I believe they hold the power to transcend the ordinary and create lasting memories. So, whether it's a heartfelt exchange, a spontaneous burst of laughter, or a quirky adventure unfolding before my lens, I'm there to capture it all—the big, the small, and everything in between.

Because, in the end, it's these beautifully authentic moments that make your wedding day truly unforgettable. They reflect the essence of who you are as individuals and as a couple. So, let's embark on this incredible journey together, where we'll celebrate the unexpected, cherish the quirks, and create a visual story that encapsulates the magic of your special day.

Our budget is $X. Are there any ways to accommodate?

At the heart of my service, I prioritize delivering jaw-dropping photographs and films that will leave you and your loved ones in awe. While I don't offer discounts, rest assured that the quality and impact of the images you receive will exceed your expectations and become the talk of the town.

I understand that each wedding celebration is unique, and if you're planning a smaller gathering, I offer the flexibility to customize and reduce coverage based on your specific needs. By opting for an hourly fee structure, we can tailor the services to match your budget while ensuring that every important moment is captured beautifully.

Quality and customization are my top priorities. So, let's create an experience that will have you reliving the magic of your special day through stunning photographs and captivating films that will leave you and your guests in awe.

Will being photographed suck? I'm an awkard Aardvark.

Rest assured, I've transcended the days of Aunt Jackie urging you to take countless photos while struggling with the settings on her ancient iPhone 4. You won't find yourself in an existential crisis with me anytime soon. With nearly a decade of experience, I specialize in making even the most camera-shy individuals feel at ease in front of the lens.

When you browse through my galleries, you'll quickly notice a distinct theme that sets them apart from the norm. That's because my superpower lies in creating comfortable spaces where your true essence can shine. Your experience is my top priority, and by fostering a relaxed environment, everything else falls into place naturally.

No more forced smiles or awkward poses. I focus on capturing the authentic you—the genuine laughter, the heartfelt moments, and the raw emotions. My goal is to make you feel good in front of the camera, ensuring that the images reflect your true spirit and personality.

So, let's embark on this photography journey together. I'll provide an experience where you can be yourself, where your comfort and enjoyment take center stage. From there, the magic happens, and the exceptional photographs follow effortlessly.

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