Designing your Album.


The album as standard is 10×10 inches or 9 x 12. You can upgrade to a stunning velvet or a premium leather cover for a cost of $120, or choose from a range of cover materials at no extra cost. As you can see there are so many wonderful colours to choose from, so pick your favourite colour or even match it to the theme of you day!




Here are the materials and colours of each material you can choose for your album. Please note leather covers are $120.

Reminder that premium leather or Velvet is and extra charge

We also have a range of stunning deboss options available to choose from to personalise your album even more.




Here are examples of the Newly Released (August 2021) ‘EDITORIAL’ DebossHere are examples of the Newly Released (August 2021) ‘EDITORIAL’ Deboss




Here are examples of the Newly Released (August 2021) ‘NEON SOUL’ DebossHere are examples of the ‘NEON SOUL’ Deboss




Here are examples of the Signature ‘OLD TEXT’ Deboss

Here are examples of the Signature ‘OLD TEXT’ Deboss




Here are examples of the Signature ‘FLORAL’ Deboss’.

Here are examples of the Signature ‘FLORAL’ Deboss’.

There is a matte coating applied to every page, making it water resistant and far more durable than the average page. This makes it the perfect coffee table book, the perfect book to pass around at family events, and will last for years and years to come. Got Parents or Grandparents, Family or even die hard Friends that would love a copy of their own? We offer smaller duplicate albums for a cost of $600, or $450 each if you are buying two or more together.





If you are an existing client and you want to enquire about an album, shoot me through an email to get the ball rolling. Once I have received a 50% deposit we can begin putting your heirloom together!

If you are a past client reading this, and perhaps you regret not getting your album sooner, this is a pretty good sign to do it! Reach out and lets revisit that day together, I would love to help. Again a 50% deposit is all that is required to begin making some magic.










the design process

Firstly, make sure you have received confirmation from me about receiving your 50% deposit for the album.
Then you should start to look out for an email from me with the first design.

I will put together the first design. Using my experience and expertise I will choose photos that are not only flattering and the “must haves”, but that also tell the story of your day. There are various different types of spreads available to use in the album, such as ’full page’ for those HELL YES images, or collage for the ‘dance-floor’ part of the night.



As a guide, a 30 spread album might include 90 to 100 images and might look a little bit like this.

  1. Opening spread of a photo you love

  2. Partner A getting ready

  3. Partner B’s Details

  4. Partner B getting ready

  5. Partner B Portraits

  6. Partner B Full Spread Portrait

  7. Partner B Portraits

  8. Ceremony

  9. Ceremony

  10. Ceremony

  11. Ceremony

  12. Full Spread Ceremony.

  13. Ceremony

  14. Ceremony Signing Paperwork

  15. Ceremony Hugs n Kisses.

16. Couple Photos

17. Group photos/bridal party

18. Couple photos

19. Couple photos

20. Couple photos

21. Couple Photos Full Spread

22. Reception Details

23. Reception

24. Reception

25. Reception Full Spread

26. Dancing

27. Reception First Dance

28. Reception

29. Reception Exit

30. Final Spread.


In a 30 page spread album, you many have around 90-100 images of the day chronologically from start to finish. It usually begins with an opening spread of a photo you LOVE. Here’s are a few examples of the spread layouts.













Unfortunately not every photo will be able to make the album, there are simply too many! However there will be an opportunity once you have seen the initial design to make changes. I will send this initial design out in an email.

Here’s a video on how to make changes to the design once you see the first draft. Please watch this carefully! 🙂

Once you have made those changes, all you have to do is sit in excited anticipation for an email to say “IT’S HERE!!”. This part of the fun can take up to a month.

The process is easy, and painless and so worthwhile. Let’s revisit that incredible day together and secure your memories in print.

Alex, Laura & Milo

June 27, 2023

Alex Szczesniak







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