In the ever-evolving world of wedding photography, staying ahead of the curve is essential to thriving in the industry. As a professional wedding photographer, I understand the importance of utilizing the latest tools to elevate my business and deliver exceptional results. Since my last update in 2020, I have discovered a new set of game-changing tools that have propelled my business to new heights. Today, I’m excited to share with you the tools I’ve been using to navigate the dynamic seas of 2023 and beyond.

Before we dive in, I want to acknowledge that these tools may require a significant investment. However, I assure you that the value they bring to your business will far outweigh the initial costs. These innovative solutions are designed to save you time, empower your creativity, and streamline your workflows, allowing you to focus on what you do best: capturing unforgettable moments. If you’re hesitant to jump in headfirst, many of these tools offer free trials, giving you the opportunity to explore their benefits before making a commitment.

Since transitioning to full-time in my wedding photography business, I’ve been on a relentless pursuit of improvement, constantly seeking ways to enhance my systems and expand my knowledge for long-term success. From comprehensive customer relationship management systems (CRM) to efficient accounting and effective email marketing platforms, I’ve spared no expense to invest in these services and subscriptions. Already, the value they have added to my business is evident, and my clients continue to rave about the unparalleled experience I provide.

In the sections that follow, I’ll introduce you to ten indispensable tools that will empower you to cultivate and grow your creative business in 2023. So, let’s embark on this journey together and discover the tools that will revolutionize your wedding photography endeavors.


In April of 2020, right as the world shut down and the wedding world took it’s biggest hit yet, my journey as a wedding photographer took an exciting turn when I stumbled upon an advertisement on Instagram. It was an advertisement by Jai Long, a Melbourne-based wedding photographer and now full time educator, whose passion for community and knowledge sharing immediately caught my attention. Intrigued by his offerings, I wasted no time in immersing myself in his world of education and signed up for his transformative courses: Six-Figure Business Map, Posing & Lighting, and Album Academy. Little did I know at the time, but these courses would become true game-changers for my business.

As the wedding photography industry continues to evolve, it has become increasingly crucial to stay connected with like-minded professionals and seek opportunities for growth. Jai Long’s courses not only provided me with invaluable insights but also fostered a sense of belonging within a supportive community of fellow photographers. From mastering the art of running a successful six-figure business to refining my posing and lighting techniques, and even elevating my album design skills, these courses have been instrumental in propelling my business forward.


The Six-Figure Business Map has been an absolute game-changer for my business in 2023. It’s like having a trusty roadmap that guides me towards success, allowing me to craft a story for myself that I’m truly proud and excited to live out. Thanks to this course, I’ve been able to attract and work with ideal clients on a regular basis, all while reclaiming precious time to spend with the people I love.

One of the most significant shifts I’ve experienced through this course is in my mindset. Jai emphasizes the power of positivity, and I can genuinely say that the more I embrace this perspective, the less it feels like work each day. It’s an exhilarating feeling to chase after, and it has boosted my confidence to new heights. I wholeheartedly believe that you, too, can tap into this empowering mindset and achieve remarkable results.

Beyond the invaluable lessons, another highlight of this journey has been the incredible community that Jai has fostered. It’s a space where we openly share our individual journeys, seek advice from one another, and cheer each other on. What’s truly remarkable is that it never feels like a competition; instead, it’s a beautiful, supportive network that I’m honored to be a part of. We gather monthly on lively Zoom calls, checking in with each other and holding ourselves accountable to our goals.

Now, let’s talk about the comprehensive range of topics covered in this course. From creating client personas and drafting solid business plans to mastering social media management, implementing effective marketing strategies, and even diving deep into the intricacies of Google Analytics, Pinterest, pricing, and money management – this course has it all. I know it may sound overwhelming, but fear not! The Business Map breaks down each topic into manageable pieces, allowing you to tackle them at your own pace. Trust me, even as someone who can get easily overwhelmed, I never felt that way with this course. Plus, the twelve-month timeframe for completion provides ample time to absorb and implement the knowledge effectively while also keeping you accountable with your time.

And here’s a little secret: this course isn’t just for wedding photographers. It’s a treasure trove of wisdom that can be adapted and applied to any creative business. Whether you’re a videographer, florist, dressmaker, or any other creative entrepreneur, you’ll find plenty of relevant and adaptable insights within the course.

So, my fellow creative business owners, I encourage you to dive into this transformative experience, get involved in a wonderful community and discover the wealth of knowledge that awaits you. Get ready to chart a course for success, build an incredible community, and unlock your full potential in the dynamic world of creativity. Trust me, it’s a journey you won’t want to miss!

Check out the course here: Six Figure Business Map

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In the world of photography, we’ve all faced moments of uncertainty during a shoot, not knowing what to do next. It’s a common challenge we share as photographers. However, I discovered a course that revolutionized my approach and brought newfound confidence to my sessions. This course taught me effective techniques to better guide and direct people, resulting in stunning images even in limited timeframes. Now, when I’m photographing a couple, I no longer struggle to find creative ideas because I have a solid foundation to build upon for every shoot.

The course dives deep into various ways to guide individuals based on their unique personalities, an aspect that cannot be overlooked. It’s a joy to watch as it offers live shoots, allowing you to witness the techniques in action before applying them to your own sessions. The best part? Since completing the course, every single couple I’ve photographed has genuinely enjoyed the experience, thanks to the skills I’ve gained. This transformative and easily digestible course has truly elevated my photography, allowing me to focus on capturing genuine moments and spending quality time with my subjects.

If you’ve ever found yourself at a loss for what to do next during a shoot, this course is a game-changer. It equips you with foundational tools and techniques tailored to individual personalities, making every session a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Embrace this opportunity to enhance your skills and watch as every couple you photograph embraces and cherishes the moments you capture.

Check out the course here: https://learn.jailong.co/posing-lighting-for-wedding-photographers


From the very beginning of my creative journey in wedding photography, I was fortunate to have mentors who encouraged me to offer wedding albums to my clients. However, despite my best efforts, I struggled to sell these cherished heirlooms until I discovered Album Academy. This course was an absolute game-changer for my business last year, delivering instant results as over 75% of my couples have opted for albums since 2020. It is truly mind-blowing!

Designing albums used to be a time-consuming task, but Album Academy taught me efficient and effective techniques that streamlined the process. Now, I take pride and excitement in offering albums to my clients, and they absolutely rave about them. They proudly showcase and share their albums on social media, which not only brings them joy but also serves as a powerful marketing tool for my business. I can confidently say that this course more than paid for itself, opening up a whole new world of opportunities.

If you’re ready to take your wedding photography business to the next level and elevate the album experience for your clients, I highly recommend checking out Album Academy.

Check out the course here: https://learn.jailong.co/album-academy-for-wedding-photographers



Ever since I’ve done a soft rebrand of my business this year, I’ve been exclusively using Showit for my website, and it has been an absolute game-changer. After years of struggling with the likes of Weebly and Squarespace, I finally found my saviour in Showit.

With Showit, I was able to start with a template and then customise it to perfectly reflect my unique style and brand. The clean, professional, and intuitive interface provided by Showit impressed me right from the start. It’s a far cry from the clunky and buggy experiences I had with other platforms. One of my favourite features is the ability to edit both the mobile and desktop versions of my website simultaneously, making the whole process seamless and efficient.

So far, my experience with Showit has been nothing short of fantastic. It has given me the freedom to create a website that truly represents my business and captivates my audience. If you’re tired of wrestling with outdated website builders and are seeking a platform that offers both beauty and functionality, I highly recommend giving Showit a try. You won’t be disappointed. Say goodbye to the pit of despair and embrace the power of Showit to elevate your online presence.


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Studio Ninja is a powerful tool that has completely transformed the way I run my photography business. With its comprehensive suite of features, I now have all the tools I need to streamline my operations, enhance client satisfaction, and focus on what I do best—capturing beautiful moments.

One of the standout features of Studio Ninja is its ability to centralize client management. From the moment a lead comes in, I can effortlessly track and manage all client interactions, ensuring that no important details or communications slip through the cracks. This organized approach has not only saved me valuable time but has also allowed me to provide a higher level of personalized service to my clients.

What sets Studio Ninja apart from other studio management tools is its customizable workflow system. I can create tailored workflows that automate repetitive tasks, such as sending contracts, invoices, and reminders. This automation not only saves me countless hours of administrative work but also ensures that each client receives a consistent and professional experience throughout their photography journey.

Additionally, Studio Ninja integrates seamlessly with popular payment gateways and accounting software, making financial management a breeze. I can generate professional invoices, accept online payments, and easily track my finances, all within the same platform. This level of integration has greatly simplified my bookkeeping process and provided me with a clear overview of my business’s financial health.

Another aspect of Studio Ninja that I find invaluable is its intuitive interface and user-friendly design. Navigating through the software is a breeze, and I appreciate the clean and modern aesthetic. It’s also worth mentioning that the Studio Ninja team provides excellent customer support, always ready to assist with any questions or technical issues that may arise.

Studio Ninja has revolutionized the way I manage my photography business. From client management to workflow automation and financial organization, this tool has become an indispensable asset in my daily operations. With Studio Ninja, I can provide a seamless and exceptional experience for my clients while freeing up valuable time to focus on what I truly love—capturing timeless memories behind the lens.

Use this promo code: BO137600S and get 20% off your subscription to the world’s most user-friendly photography business software, Studio Ninja!

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As freelance or studio photographers, our time is in high demand, with a growing list of responsibilities from Instagram reels to vendor relationships and website updates. Amidst it all, providing exceptional care to our current clients has become increasingly important. That’s where Studio Ninja’s workflow, masterminded by the brilliant Rick, comes in to save the day—and blow our socks off!

Let me tell you, this workflow is an absolute game-changer. It has not only quadrupled the touchpoints I have with each individual client, but it has also significantly reduced the time I spend on setting them up and ensuring their comfort. It’s like a magic wand that creates custom workflows for every type of couple imaginable, speaking directly to their needs and desires.

The Wedding Workflows Studio Ninja Workflow Template, powered by Rick’s genius, offers a comprehensive set of tools that will elevate your wedding photography business to new heights. With four automated workflows, tailored questionnaires, and a collection of engaging email templates, this template takes the guesswork out of client communication and allows you to build strong relationships from the get-go.

But it doesn’t stop there. The package also includes an instructional walkthrough video that guides you through customizing the workflow to suit your unique business needs. Studio Ninja’s intuitive interface and attention to detail make it a pleasure to work with, saving you time and ensuring a seamless client experience.

Thanks to Rick and this remarkable workflow, we can focus on what we love most—capturing beautiful moments—and leave the rest to the magic of Studio Ninja. It’s a worthwhile investment that will pay for itself the moment one of your couples experiences it. Trust me, your clients will be amazed, and you’ll witness the transformative power of providing an elevated level of care. Cheers, mate!

Check out the Wedding Workflows Studio Ninja template here: https://weddingworkflows.com/the-ultimate-studio-ninja-workflow/


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As a professional photographer, I cannot recommend Pic-Time enough for enhancing your photography business. This platform has been a game-changer for me, providing a seamless and visually stunning way to showcase my work and deliver it to clients. The customizable client galleries are an absolute standout feature. I can easily upload and organize my photos into beautiful galleries that reflect my unique style and brand. The ability to customize layouts, colors, and branding elements ensures a cohesive and professional presentation that leaves a lasting impression on clients.

But Pic-Time doesn’t stop at just galleries. It offers a range of tools and features that make running my photography business a breeze. The integrated print sales functionality is a game-changer. I can now offer high-quality prints and products directly through the platform, eliminating the need for third-party print labs or manual order fulfillment. It’s incredibly convenient for both me and my clients, saving time and ensuring a seamless purchasing process.

One of the standout features of Pic-Time is its sales automation. With this feature, I can effortlessly set up pricing, create custom price lists, and apply discounts or promotions, all within the platform. This saves me valuable time and simplifies my workflow, allowing me to focus more on capturing stunning images and less on manual pricing calculations. The sales automation feature ensures that I can provide accurate and consistent pricing to my clients, making the sales process efficient and transparent.

Additionally, the sales app offered by Pic-Time takes my sales sessions to the next level. I can showcase my work on a mobile device or tablet, allowing clients to visualize how their chosen images will look as prints or products. The interactive displays and guided product options create a personalized and immersive sales experience, resulting in increased client engagement and higher sales revenue. The sales app empowers me to provide a seamless and professional sales experience, leaving a lasting impression on my clients.

What sets Pic-Time apart even further is its client interaction capabilities. The platform allows for client proofing, enabling smooth collaboration and feedback on image selections. I can easily share galleries with clients, and they can mark their favorite images or provide feedback, making the entire process interactive and efficient. The option to create captivating slideshows adds an extra touch of elegance and storytelling to my photography presentations.

Pic-Time understands the needs of photographers and provides a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. The platform’s mobile app integration is also a huge plus, allowing clients to access their galleries and images on the go, further enhancing their experience and satisfaction.

Overall, Pic-Time has revolutionized the way I manage my client galleries, deliver images, automate pricing, and streamline my sales process. It elevates my professionalism and enhances the overall client experience. If you’re a photographer looking to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend incorporating Pic-Time into your workflow. You won’t be disappointed.


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Unfold is an absolute gem when it comes to creating stunning and captivating Instagram stories. As a busy content creator, I often find myself short on time to meticulously design stories in Photoshop. That’s where Unfold comes to the rescue! This app has revolutionized my Instagram game by providing a user-friendly platform to craft beautiful stories effortlessly.

What sets Unfold apart is its collection of elegant and minimal templates. With a wide variety of options to choose from, I can easily find the perfect template that aligns with my brand aesthetic. The carefully curated font choices and background textures further enhance the visual appeal of my stories, making them stand out from the crowd.

The best part? Unfold eliminates the need for complicated design software or expensive subscriptions. With an affordable annual subscription of just $38, I have access to an extensive library of templates and creative tools that help me create professional-looking stories in minutes. The app’s intuitive interface allows me to seamlessly customize my stories, adding my personal touch and ensuring they reflect my brand identity.

Whether I’m showcasing a new product, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, or simply engaging with my audience, Unfold empowers me to craft visually stunning stories that leave a lasting impression. It’s the ultimate time-saving tool for anyone who wants to elevate their Instagram presence without compromising on quality.

If you’re a content creator, influencer, or business owner looking to create beautiful and on-brand Instagram stories without the hassle, I highly recommend giving Unfold a try. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with the endless creative possibilities and the professional look it brings to your stories. Unfold is a game-changer for taking your Instagram storytelling to the next level.


Canva has quickly become my go-to tool for creating stunning visuals, especially for my Instagram posts. Whether you’re a design novice or a seasoned pro, Canva offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create eye-catching graphics.

One of the standout features of Canva is its ability to fully customize designs to match your brand. With the paid version, I can easily upload my brand logo, icon, and select my brand colors and fonts, ensuring that every design I create is on-brand and consistent with my visual identity. It’s like having my own personalized design studio at my fingertips.

Even if you’re not ready to invest in the paid version, Canva’s free version still offers an impressive range of templates, images, and design elements to work with. You can create professional-looking designs without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re creating social media graphics, presentations, or even print materials, Canva has a wide range of pre-designed templates to choose from. From Instagram posts to business cards, you’ll find everything you need to bring your ideas to life.

I highly recommend giving Canva a try. It’s a versatile and intuitive design tool that empowers you to unleash your creativity and produce visually stunning content, all without the need for advanced design skills. Upgrade to the paid version for even more customization options, or explore the free version to see the endless possibilities Canva offers. Get ready to elevate your visual game with Canva!



Aftershoot is a photo-culling tool that caught my attention after hearing it mentioned several times. Little did I know that it was an incredibly comprehensive AI-powered solution with a multitude of features and parameters. The primary claim made by the Aftershoot team is that their program is the fastest and easiest way to automatically select, rate, and find the best photos in any given gallery.

I’m always up for a challenge when bold claims are made, so I decided to dive deep into Aftershoot and explore its capabilities. I found myself quite impressed with many aspects of the software, although there were a few elements that left me uncertain. Nevertheless, there are a few undeniable truths about Aftershoot: its AI functions are truly captivating, and it serves as an incredible tool to initiate the culling process.

Aftershoot operates as an AI culling platform that saves you countless hours by automatically analyzing entire galleries. It intelligently detects blurry photos, duplicates, closed eyes, and more. One particularly intriguing feature is “Sneak Previews,” which selects a group of photos based on their popularity on Instagram. This feature aims to minimize the time spent selecting photos to send to clients.

Aftershoot has recently expanded its offerings with an AI editing tool called “Edits.” By learning from your previous photo edits, it magically applies color correction and editing adjustments using your custom profile. The AI-driven editing technology adjusts tones, white balance, and other manual adjustments, saving valuable time in the editing process.

While Aftershoot initially gained recognition as an AI culling platform, the addition of “Edits” has transformed it into a comprehensive editing station. It seamlessly integrates with Aftershoot Cull, allowing for both lightning-fast culling and editing, even at a speed of up to 1,000 images in less than a minute! The edits made in Aftershoot are compatible with Lightroom Classic, with future compatibility with Capture One planned.

Aftershoot’s AI culling capabilities are truly impressive. The software considers various parameters and assigns star ratings and color codes to each photo based on its analysis. It groups duplicate frames, provides sneak previews, and even offers close-up previews of subjects’ faces to help identify the sharpest and most expressive shots. The quick filters function allows for easy sorting and viewing based on Aftershoot’s decisions.

The Aftershoot team continually improves the platform, with recent updates including a revamped app interface, language support for Spanish and French users, and enhanced selection features. The program’s performance is being actively addressed to ensure smoother gallery loading and culling.

Aftershoot offers paid plans starting at around ten dollars per month, making it a solid investment for the powerful AI features it provides. For those looking to try it out without committing to a paid plan, Aftershoot offers a free option with limited functionality that still includes key AI features.

All in all, Aftershoot is a remarkable tool for photographers, particularly wedding and portrait photographers who value their time. The cost of Aftershoot is well worth the time saved in culling and editing, making it a valuable asset in streamlining your photography workflow.

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