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I’m privileged to be a recommended wedding photographer at The Manor Basket Range, and absolutely love shooting there.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that The Manor Basket Range is a great location for a wedding, with beautiful, quirky rustic styling, delicious food and friendly and helpful staff.

I’ve shot a lot of weddings at The Manor Basket Range, and I like to think that the staff consider me one of their own!

I’ve also been the photographer for many weddings in The Adelaide Hills on many occasions too, amongst the other awesome venues in that region.

Whenever my friends visit from interstate, we always take a drive through the hills. They’re pretty critical with their food, but the The Manor Basket Range is one of the few places that they really rate… and that’s saying something!

To take full advantage of all the photography locations and the varied lighting in The Manor Basket Range, it’s important to hire a wedding photographer who is familiar with the venue.

So if you’re interested in booking an experienced The Manor Basket Range wedding photographer who knows the venue well but will still create original wedding photos for you, click here to get in touch with me today.


The Manor’s website: https://themanorbr.com.au

Address: 762 Lobethal Road, SA 5138

Cost: $$$ | Reviews: Easy Weddings


[UPDATED FOR 2022 & 2023]

There are many quirky features that make weddings at the The Manor a lot of fun, not to mention a great location for wedding photography.

Here are 9 things that I love about weddings at The Manor Basket Range, in no particular order of awesomeness…

  1. Location

  2. Food

  3. Styling

  4. Details

  5. The Seasonal Changes

  6. The Couples

  7. The Staff

  8. The Iconic Photo Spots

  9. The Lesser known spots

#1 The Location





The Manor Basket Range is a historic estate built in 1935, nestled away in the picturesque ADELAIDE HILLS.


The Manor Basket Range is a historic estate built in 1935, nestled away in the picturesque ADELAIDE HILLS.


Located under 30 mins from the CBD, The Manor, Basket Range really is a world away from the City and a perfect place to appreciate the region’s finest hospitality for the widest variety of events. The region hosts numerous apple and cherry orchards nestled in the valleys of the rolling hills. It really is quite stunning.











The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (35).JPG


As anyone who’s experienced it first hand can attest, the Manor Basket Range serves incredible food.

Apart from the delicious main courses and roaming platters, the wedding dessert smorgasbord in particular blows me away every time, with beautiful styling and delicious tasty treats






The food is an important part of your wedding reception, so I’ll make sure to capture it with my camera before you gobble it up!





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (34).JPG


Recently it’s also been popular to shun the traditional wedding cake in favour of something a bit different… although cheese can be a bit of a smelly option!











The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (111).JPG


The Manor Basket Range, formerly known as Camelot Castle is one of the most unique wedding venues in The Adelaide Hills. The castle vibe creates a real elegance to any wedding day and I always feel like I’m photographing royalty hehe.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (109).JPG


The styling at The Manor Basket Range really is second to none. It’s one of the main reasons why I love shooting weddings there.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (28).JPG


I love the feeling of great history behind all the detail in every nook and cranny the estate has. Each hallway and piece of garden bed has been thoughtfully crafted to enhance the experience.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (52).JPG


Don’t tell the staff, but I’ve also been known to climb up the wall near the chapel to get a more interesting perspective! One of these days I’m bound to fall off it…!





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (74).JPG


The giant chessboard makes for some great photos too.






Even the frickin’ car park at The Manor is beautiful!! It’s really hard to find a non-pictureques spot in the whole venue…
















The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (39).JPG







Couples who get married at The Manor Basket Range usually have great taste in styling that complements the existing look of the venue.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (33).JPG


Whilst weddings are about using natural wedding photography to capture magical moments, it’s also important for me to take photos of the details.

This includes all the elements that have taken you so much time and thought to prepare.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (80).JPG


Styling and detail photos are also an important part of your wedding album, adding to complete the story of your wedding day.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (51).JPG


If you’d like to learn more about the fine art wedding albums I offer and what is included in each Wedding Collection, click here to get in touch.


The picturesque changes in seasons that take place throughout the year open up so many visual delights and great options for brides and grooms choosing to get married at The Manor Basket Range.

If your wedding is taking place in the Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring months you can be guaranteed that you’ll notice beautiful changes to the leaves in the trees which are stunning in my favourite season, Autumn.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (15).JPG


If you’re getting married in the actual garden of The Manor, you’ll probably want to take advantage of the amazing chapel, but don’t forget that there’s also a nice areas all over the grounds to take photos.






Some of my personal favourites are in front of the main gate and inside the main entrance meeting room.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (114).JPG


The fire place will keep your guests and family members (even Fido) warm too.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (128).JPG


The beautiful setting of The Manor makes for some incredible wedding photos, and it seems that every corner you turn there’s an interesting piece of architecture just waiting to be used in a novel way for a picture.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (95).JPG








I really enjoy working with the couples who book me as their Manor Basket Range wedding photographer.

We always have a lot of fun using the various stylistic elements of the location to our advantage with the photos.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (92).JPG


Couples who favour the The Manor Basket Range over, say, a regular church or restaurant wedding are usually slightly quirky and I like to try and bring this out with their wedding photography.






They’re the kind of couples who prefer to go against the grain and do something a bit different with their wedding. Like a sparkler ENTRANCE into their reception.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (123).JPG


They still value the traditions of a wedding ceremony, but choose to move away from the norm with their choice of venue and styling.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (98).JPG


In my experience, couples who get married at the Manor Basket Range have relaxed, fun and easy going personalities, and this ties in perfectly with my natural wedding photography style, and I like to think my own personality too!





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (84).JPG



A wedding venue is nothing without the people working behind the scenes. At The Manor Basket Range, the staff work hard to keep the place running like clockwork and this is especially so on your wedding day.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (36).JPG


Every wedding speech I hear at The Manor Basket Range includes the kindest words for the staff, whether it’s their help with organisation, their attentive service, or simply their willingness to bend the rules to accomodate almost anything (even pets!) into your wedding day.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (73).JPG


I’ve seen everything from ring bearing dogs with go pros to Chinese lions being brought in for The Manor Basket Range weddings, and the staff are always on hand to help make everything run smoothly.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (108).JPG


You’ll be in fantastic care with Naomi (she’ll even keep the kids entertained!) and her team, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special day exactly how you wanted to.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (56).JPG


#8 THE icoNic photo SPOTS





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (85).JPG


I approach every Manor Basket Range wedding with fresh eyes, but I try not to neglect the iconic photo spots.







Couples who get married at the Manor Basket Range are proud of their choice in wedding venue, (and rightly so!), so I won’t forget the photos that help to document clearly where you got married.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (122).JPG







The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (115).JPG


I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you, but let’s just say that after having shot so many weddings at the Manor Basket Range, I know some photo locations that you may not have seen before!





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (88).JPG


The Manor Basket Range has many unique spots for photo opportunities that are slightly more, let’s say, “off the Instagram radar”!





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (126).JPG






The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (127).JPG


Another great thing about the Manor is that there always seems to be new design elements being added. Even though I shoot there often, there’s always something new to include in my couples’ photos.





The_Manor_Basket_Range_Time_With_Alex (103).JPG


Creatively speaking, I always try and push myself to create images that have never seen before at the Manor Basket Range.






So if time allows it, let’s head away from the crowds for a couple of minutes and get some wedding photos making full use of the grounds of The Manor Basket Range!







I hope you enjoyed this round up of the reasons why I love taking wedding photos at The Manor Basket Range.

If you’d like to enquire about wedding photography availability for your wedding at The Manor or any other location in Adelaide or Australia, click here to get in touch with me today.

June 23, 2023

Alex Szczesniak







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